The cabins

There are two cabins situated on Lot 17, one of which is an old log cabin and the other a wood frame cabin.
The log cabin is approximately 40 years old.  The building has a metal clad gable roof.  The dimensions are 24’ x 19’, for a total area of 456 square feet.  The interior has carpeting, a drywall ceiling, and a combination of prefinished wall panels and wood paneling.  A 4 piece washroom is subdivided from the main room.  The cabin is equipped with a kitchenette unit.  Heat is provided by electric baseboard.
The wood frame cabin has horizontal wood siding and a metal covered shed roof.  The cabin measures 16’ x 20.5’, for an area of 328 square feet. The interior has carpeting, prefinished wall panels, and a T-bar ceiling.  A 4 piece washroom is partitioned from the main room.  Heat is provided by electric baseboard

Address : 1033 Third Avenue

Description : Lot 17,Block I, Plan 8338

Type : Commercial

Year Built : 1964

Year Restored : 1986

Land SIze : 5000 sqft , 50' Wide x 100' Deep

Building Size : 800 sqft

Price : $